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Often asked questions..

What, if anything, makes you special?

We are a small (tiny, in fact) family owned business, mother, daughter and son! Your orders are created by one of us, personally. This means our perfectionist hands touched every stem and placed it with positive intent. Your orders are often delivered by the daughter. She enjoys the driving, why? Because your orders are delivered emission-free! #ElectricVehicle 

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes, to most of Chicago! It's best to call, sometimes we can do it even if our site says that we can't.


What about floral subscriptions?

Yes! We are able to deliver flowers weekly, monthly and everything in between! Give us a call to set it up.

Do you have minimums for weddings?

Not at all! We don't believe that any project is too small and we certainly won't make you spend more than you're able or willing to. 


Do you do out-of-state weddings?

Yes! Let's talk! 

What if I wanted to walk-in to buy a single rose, do you do that?

Yup! We have a full service storefront and we are never short on roses!

What if I wanted a bouquet that wasn't pre-made?

We usually have one assortment ready to go at a moment's notice. Holidays are a little different. We are primarily a flower shop, come in, pick some beautiful blooms

and we will make a lovely bouquet or arrangement for you!

Do you do funeral flowers?

Absolutely. It is a difficult time for you, but we do our best to bring brightness and create every piece with love.

Do you provide weekly lobby flowers for offices and hotels?

Indeed, we do. We will have to make a visit to understand your space and we will bring pieces every week on the day of your choosing. To make this even easier, we bill your credit card on file at the beginning of each month and send you a statement. If something special is happening and you'd like something specific, give us 48 hour notice and we will make it happen.

I don't like those huge corporation flower websites, you know who they are, do you work with them?

Nope! We fly solo. We are not partnered with any of those. runs our online shopping system. The nice thing about them is that the designs all MUST be created by the florist, meaning all of the designs listed are created and photographed by us.

Do you use stock photos?

NOPE! All of the photographs on our website and social media outlets are photographed by Juli, one of the owners (she also photographs small weddings and events) unless otherwise noted. The featured wedding section of our site showcases some of our favorite weddings and photographers. Take a look!

Do you offer design classes?

We are able to host and teach your small groups. Usually 6 people or less, but if it's a couple more people that you love sooo much, we can be accommodating. We provide bites and you bring the wine (or beer or whiskey or tea, really anything you'd like). Rates start at $75 per person. 

Is your shop dog-friendly? 

YES! We love doggy cuddles! We have a pooch of our own, Petunia. Come in to visit!


Did we miss something? Send us a note!

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