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Full Service Weddings

We offer floral design for all weddings no matter how small and with some limits on how big. We focus on fresh floral + foliage designs and do not offer candle rentals or candle centerpieces. We do not have minimum purchase requirements. Each wedding is unique and it all starts with a phone or in-person consultation with Juli. Our 2024 general pricing guide offers average pricing that most weddings fall into. Some weddings will be more and some may be less. If the pricing here looks good to you request a consultation with Juli!


Personal Flowers

Bridal bouquet: $175+

Cascading bridal bouquet: $275+

Hairpiece: $70+

Bridesmaid bouquet: $65+

Boutonnière: $18+

Pocket boutonnière: $25+

Wrist corsage: $40+

Floral bracelet: $75+

Floral necklace: $150+

Flower crown: $55+

Flower girl basket: $40+

Ceremony Decor

Chair / pew decor: $30+

Aisle runner: $100+

Alter arrangement: $300+

Ceremony anchor arrangement: $300+

Ceremony ground semi-circle: $2,000+

Ceremony flower “clouds” on gold stands: $1,000+

Chuppah 8’ wood: $600 rental*

Chuppah 7’ birch: $400 rental*

Black round archway: $350 rental*

Wood "garden" archway: $400 rental*

Wood hexagon archway (large): $500 rental*

Gold metal square 8’ archway: $600 rental*

Gold metal round 8’ archway: $600 rental*

Gold or silver “dainty”, 6’ simple archway: $150 rental*

Mini suspended foliage pieces: $800-$1,000+

Mini suspended foliage + floral pieces: $1,500+

Suspended foliage pieces: $2,000+

Suspended foliage + floral pieces: $5,000+

*Floral, foliage, fabric decor for chuppahs and arches is fully custom priced and can range

from $150 to thousands depending on your vision and wishes.


Reception Decor

Elevated floral centerpieces on glass vase or gold metal stands: $350+

Short floral centerpieces in glass vase: $85+

Short floral centerpieces in ceramic vase: $100+

Elevated foliage centerpieces on glass vase or gold metal stands: $200+   

Short foliage only centerpieces in glass vase: $60+

Short foliage only centerpieces in ceramic vase: $75+

Mini floral centerpieces: $55+

Dainty foliage for tables: $15+ per foot

Foliage only garlands: $25+ per foot

Garland with foliage and florals: $50+ per foot

Suspended foliage pieces: $2,000+

Suspended foliage + floral pieces: $5,000+

Cake flowers: $50+

Additional Fees

Very small wedding delivery + setup: $250+

Delivery + setup $500+

Delivery + setup + breakdown: $800-$1,500+

Some weddings will require an additional labor charge of 10-25%

Additional charges for our time will apply if you are working with a planner that we will need to communicate with or

coordinate with extensively.

All goods, less delivery, setup, breakdown are subject to 10.25% Chicago sales tax.


Request a consultation:

Thank you!

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